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What is needed to get up and running in Decision Cloud?

Decision Cloud was built with user-friendliness in mind. All integrations are “plug and play” therefore, setup and testing typically takes 1-7 days. Users will need to have access to all credentials for any 3rd party data vendors they intend to use for underwriting.

Are Reports truly live?

Reports are live in Decision Cloud. Costs are tracked while the leads are processing and can be viewable in reports right away. Loan performance data may take 8-24 hours to populate depending on which loan management system is used to service the loan.

Where can I see productivity statuses?

All system statuses can be found on the Decision Cloud status page here.

Do users have to complete new integrations with every vendor in Decision Cloud?

No, all integrations are plug and play. Typically, lenders have little to no integration time when Decision Cloud is used.

Does Decision Cloud prevent our LMS from having to integrate with the services in Decision Cloud?

No. In fact, often times Decision Cloud can help lenders gain access to 3rd party underwriting services that are not currently available in their Loan Management System.

Where does Decision Cloud sit in my lead flow?

Decision Cloud sits right in between your lead source and your loan management system. Leads come from the lead provider, post into Decision Cloud, and then into the LMS if the lead passes the underwriting waterfall.

Will I have to contract with integrated 3rd party vendors directly?

Yes, lenders contract with all 3rd party vendors directly. Decision Cloud offers comprehensive reconciliation reports for every integrated data service.

Do I have access to all data running through Decision Cloud?

Yes. Our File Builder tool allows users to extract all data going through Decision Cloud into a .csv file. Users can determine the use case and the frequency in which data is extracted.

Does Decision Cloud look at the Return on Investment through the full loan term?

Yes. Decision Cloud looks at the Return on Investment through the full life cycle of the loan. In some cases, it also tracks long term customer ROI as well.

If I have my own (proprietary) LMS how long will my integration take?

1-3 business days.

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