Insight is...

a technology firm and marketing company of creative, insightful, and innovative lead flow analytics solutions. Insight’s industry-revolutionizing technologies, TruScore, TruTrac, and Decision Cloud filter out fraud while identifying likely high performance leads, thus developing stellar decisioning waterfalls, improving conversion rates, reducing acquisition costs, and ultimately maximizing profits.

Insight technology captures, validates, verifies, scores, and tracks lead information, and provides you with key decision data, increasing your ability to convert leads into profitable customers. Insight’s solutions are fully customizable. You determine what lead data factors are most important to you. No other products in the marketplace offer such unique and efficient solutions. Insight is at the forefront of lead scoring and lead verification technology. Our solutions are designed for lead generation networks and the lead buyers they serve.

Insight will help you...

  •       Convert more leads
  •       Mitigate risk
  •       Avoid fraud
  •       Identify profitable leads
  •       Purchase compliant leads
  •       Monitor affiliate performance
  •       Real-time data access
  •       Reduce underwriting costs
  •       Lower defaults
  •       Increase ROI
  •       Make better decisions
  •       Manage lead volumes
  •       Campaign management
  •       Flexible report building
  •       Lower CPA

We are located...

in Sonoma, California in the heart of wine country. Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals who share a passion for technology, solutions, analytics, customers, a great work environment, and most importantly, integrity. We are excited to work with you!



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